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in Uncategorized on February 21, 2019

The Saveandsupport team has one goal; give and be something different to the fundraising world.

The fundraising/crowdfunding industry has blossomed over the past 10 years into an amazing array of platforms for people to generate support, money and awareness for a variety of causes. The options are endless, but the same can’t be said for people’s pockets.  We wanted to give you a new to donate.

We aim to give all of these platforms and its users another means of raising funds and supporting causes all over the world.

We aim to do this by becoming a comparison site and fundraising platform all in one. Offering our customers the ability to save money and the support the cause they love and care about.

When you use a comparison site and switch your supplier, the site will earn a commission for the service. We are committing to splitting any commission we may receive with your chosen charity, organisation or cause. Now, it is important to stress we are a for-profit business, our story has only just started. We aim to use our commission to keep investing in and improving our service, platform and offerings, for the betterment of the business, your bank balance and the charities you chose to support.

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